Madonna‘s 1991 documentary, ‘Truth Or Dare,’ is being released as a Blu-Ray. Now Madge fans can rejoice in high definition!

“I’m making this movie because I’m not afraid of the truth,” Madonna said. Interesting, then, that when offered the actual options of ‘Truth or Dare,’ she chose the latter!

It’s hard to believe that Madonna’s film is 21 years old. It shows vulnerable sides of Madonna: her disappointment when she doesn’t have any messages, inviting her father to watch her perform. However, it obviously shows the predominantly glamorous side of Madge’s life, with celeb cameos including Al Pacino, Mandy Patinkin, Lionel Richie and Sandra Bernhard.

The Blu-Ray hits shelves on April 3, hot on the heels of Madonna’s latest album, ‘MDNA,’ which drops on March 26. It precedes her sold out world tour, which kicks off in Philadelphia this August.

“People think being a star is about being fabulous, being in the spotlight, having your picture taken all the time and having people worship and adore you. Bring rich rich rich, having it all,” the Greatest Woman in Music says in a voiceover at the introduction to the clip. “And you know what? They’re absolutely right.”

Watch Madonna’s ‘Truth Or Dare’ Trailer