Hot mama!

Britney Spears is a beauty on the cover of the January 2014 issue of InStyle. It arrives just in time for several major events in the pop star's life -- her 32nd birthday, the release of 'Britney Jean' and the launch of her Las Vegas residency. Go Brit Brit!

She looks lovely, with messy waves, mauve lipstick and a pinky glow, and those mega lashes. She's dressed in a simple, strapless dress, showing off her toned shoulders.

We think that Brit's glow has less to do with makeup and more to do with the fact that she has fallen madly in love with her new BF David Lucado. He is a regular dude with no ties to the crazy business in which Brit makes a living, and he seems to be a safe haven for her.

She spoke about how they had a "tiffy," which is easily our new favorite word and one we're cribbing from Brit, when he went too long without calling her.

Adorbs! Britney and David, sittin' in a tree...