Looking really tanned and smiling a lot, Britney Spears sat down in a pre-taped chat with 'Good Morning America' this AM (Sept. 17) to finally confirm the worst kept secret in Hollywood -- that she will be embarking on a Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood.

During the follow up live chat, in which she was helicoptered into the desert and greeted by fans, Brit Brit shared that her eighth album will be released December 3.

That's the day after her 32nd bday, so we can all celebrate with Brit Brit.

The 'Work Bitch' singer has been working indeed. She admitted to training for five hours a day to prepare for the residency which will see her in Sin City for two years, performing 50 shows a year. The show, dubbed 'Britney: Piece of Me,' will be a "club-meets-theater" event. Tickets for 'Piece of Me' go on sale today at a relatively affordable price of $59.

Brit said that her eldest son Preston will probably be on stage, but "Jayden would have a hard time with it." Give him time before he makes his debut.

She also commented on Miley Cyrus' VMAs debacle, saying, "She is doing her thing and being herself, so I give props to her." End o' story when Brit gives you props.

The singer also shared what her headspace was like for her new album.

"I had a breakup with [ex-fiance] Jason [Trawick] that I wrote a lot about," Brit said about her upcoming eighth album. "They suck. Breakups suck, man. They do."

Later in the show, after Brit 'coptered into the desert, she said she almost got sick while in the air. Well, it was a busy and exciting day for the diva.