What a rush! A Big Time Rush, that is, for Carlos Pena and his new girlfriend Alexa Vega of the 'Spy Kids' film franchise. The two spent New Year's in the Bahamas with actor Wilmer Valderrama and other friends. Good times were had by all, judging from the photos.

Pena posted tons of pics of the mirth and merriment, and fun in the sun that took place during the island sojourn and while they welcomed in 2013.

There are plenty of candid shots of him and his new lady love doing regular guy/gal things like enjoying Skittles. Pena even revealed the major dilemma of the trip, posting: "ONLY 1bag for 4days." Gasp. Only a single, solitary bag of Skittles for a long trip to an island? Come on, that's uncivilized. What were they thinking? They should've stocked up at Costco.

He celebrated being on a cruise and "sailing away."

There's also an amazing photo of them on bikes, which Pena captioned "'Sons of Anarchy' meets 'Sons of Bimini.' Fun in the sun when you are famous! Must be nice.

We can live vicariously through them by enjoying the array of photos!

PopCrushers and Rushers –we know, it rhymes -- do you think Carlos Pena and Alexa Vega will last in 2013? Will they be a couple to watch?


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