Carly Rae Jepsen scored arguably the definitive hit of 2012 with 'Call Me Maybe,' but she's been having a tough time driving subsequent singles up the charts -- so maybe what her voice needs is a change of setting, in the form of a duet with rising Danish pop sensations A Friend in London.

Hardcore Carly watchers may be disappointed that she doesn't actually, you know, appear in this clip (and really, her vocals are a pretty minor part of the song). But all in all, 'Rest from the Streets' is a pretty sweet ballad, and the video -- which we've embedded above, and which depicts lead singer Tim Schou strumming an acoustic guitar and making goo-goo eyes with his adorably tousled blond paramour -- captures the first flush of lust as well as Top 40 ode to nookie since John Mayer's 'Your Body Is a Wonderland.'

If you like what you hear here, there's more on the way: A Friend in London's full-length debut, 'Unite,' is due Jan. 21. As for Jepsen, she has the Grammy Awards to look forward to on Feb. 8, when she'll find out if 'Call Me Maybe' turns its nominations for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance into awards.