This week, a article ranked Casper as the 17th coldest city in the United States.  As cold as Casper can be, it's not the most frigid place in Wyoming.   In fact, there's several small towns in Wyoming with lower average temperatures than the "Oil City".

According to a 2012 article in the Casper Star Tribune, Casper's yearly average low temperature of 16 degrees during the winter months is much warmer than the tiny northwestern Wyoming town of Bondurant.  With an average low temperate of -6 degrees during December and January, it's no wonder only 93 people live in Bondurant.

34 miles south of Bondurant lies the town of Daniel, Wyoming.  Located in a windswept valley between the Salt River Range and the Wind River Mountains, Daniel's average low temperature during the month of January drops to a bitter -5.7.

Just south on Highway 189, there's the town of Big Piney, Wyoming.  Although Big Piney claims to be the "Ice Box of the Nation", it's not quite as cold as its neighbors to the north.  However, average low temperatures in the winter months are below zero and have been known to plummet as low as -50.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.