Criminals beware: Ninja Dorian is on the prowl!

5 year old Dorian Layton, aka "Ninja Dorian", was sworn in as the Chief Of Police today. Chief Walsh gladly stepped aside for the day in a heartfelt gesture to make sure Dorian's short life will be fuller than most adults.

Dorian, who has terminal brain cancer, put together a bucket list of things he wants to accomplish before he leaves us. While most items are pretty simple (build a snowman, ride a skateboard, etc.), he did have two items only the City Of Casper could fulfill...and boy did they!

At 12:30pm today, Dorian was picked up by the Casper Police department, then shuttled over to the Police station, and finally sworn in as the Chief Of Police. In his official statement, Chief Ninja Dorian said his main goal was to "have fun". Apparently, kicking butt is his idea of fun as, not quite on the job for two hours, Ninja Dorian made it clear he won't accept any funny business with his first arrest.

Dorian will also sit on the city council, visit the detention center, and tour the METRO Animal Control facilities.