With only 2 weeks remaining in the Christmas shopping season, we asked folks in and around Casper what the worst gift they've ever received was.  The results just might surprise you. 


We asked people to let us know what the worst Christmas gift of present that they've ever received and here is what they said.

  • 43% of the worst gift were from the area of Cleaning / Kitchen / Lawn Care items
  • 10% said their worst gifts were Lingerie / Underwear
  • 10% said Jewelry / Clothes were their worst gifts
  • 7% were given Shoes / Slippers
  • 30% said their worst gifts were from something other than mentioned above, some of those are listed below.


For guys, some of the worst gifts were:

  • A bug zapper for the yard
  • Leaf Blower
  • Hankerchief
  • A water jug
  • Ties
  • A sweater - not only ugly, but I DO NOT wear sweaters!

While the worst gifts listed by the ladies were:

  • Ear Muffs and Nylons
  • Face wash - hmm What are you trying to say?
  • Foot bath and foot creams
  • Nothing at all


In addition to the worst gifts received here in Casper, according to a recent survey there are many other items that you should AVOID buying for your significant other this holiday season.  Hopefully you will make a note of these:

Gifts men should never buy for women:

  • Underwear – the wrong size, too slutty or too sexy
  • Toiletries – the wrong brand
  • Perfume – she don’t like the smell of
  • Kitchen utensils – a blatant insult
  • Cheap jewelry – he’s a cheapskate
  • Chocolates – that she doesn't like
  • Shoes or slippers – in the wrong size
  • Vacuum cleaner – insinuating she should clean more
  • Flowers – forgetting her favorite
  • Exercise clothes or DVD – suggesting she is fat

Gifts women should never buy for men:

  • Clothes – he hates receiving clothes
  • Gadgets – she opts for the cheap ones rather than the best
  • A man bag – he can’t pull it off
  • Stuffed toys – he’s not manly enough
  • Shoes – he only needs one pair
  • Jewelry – his mates would never let him forget it
  • Chocolates – she’s only buying them so she can eat them
  • A meal out – because she wants to go
  • Aftershave – there’s nothing wrong with his old faithful
  • A framed photo – too sentimental

What other gift items can you add to the list?  Or do these lists hit the nail on the head so to speak?