Champions in 18 divisions were crowned in the 25th Annual Casper Youth Basketball Tournament on Sunday, March 22, 2015. The tournament, hosted by the City of Casper Recreation Division, attracted 132 teams from Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Colorado. Complete results are available at The following teams were crowned Champions in their respective divisions.

4th Grade Boys
Champions:  Windsor Wizards
Runner-Up:  Green River Wolf Pack
3rd place:  HCI Gillette
Consolation: Team 7220
5th Grade Boys
Champions: Gillette Jays
Runner-Up:  Gladiators
3rd Place:  Casper Bolts Blue
Consolation: Wizards 5
6th Grade Boys
Champions:  Windsor Wizards
Runner-Up: Saints-Billings
3rd Place: Casper Glide
Consolation:  Casper Vipers
7th Grade Boys
Champions: Rebels
Runner-Up: Power Service T-Birds
3rd Place:  Wyoming Flight
Consolation: Worland
8th Grade Boys Orange
Champions:  Pinedale
Runner-Up: Gering
3rd Place:  Wind River Warriors
Consolation: Riverton
8th Grade Boys Green
Champions: Rock Spring Tigers
Runner-Up: Casper Thunderbirds
3rd Place:  Wyoming Flight Blue
Consolation:  Torrington Blazers
4th Grade Girls
Champions:  Casper Swish
Runner-Up: Blaze
3rd place:  Blue Stars
Consolation: Worland Shamrocks
5th Grade Girls
Champions: Spearfish Storm
Runner-Up:  Thundercats
3rd Place:  Jr. Lady Wizards
Consolation: Torrington Lady Blazers
6th Grade Girls
Champions:  Gillette Sparks
Runner-Up:  Shelles Belles
3rd Place: Green River Wolf Pack
Consolation: Wyoming Flight
7th Grade Girls
Champions:  Cavaliers
Runner-Up: Jr. Lady Wizards
3rd Place:  Wyoming Flight
Consolation:  Sheridan Tailbusters
8th Grade Girls
Champions:  Lady Wizards
Runner-Up: Pine Bluffs
3rd Place:  Express
Consolation:  Green River Wolf Pack