Chris Brown often gets put in a bad light, but one thing you have to give him credit for is his showmanship. Earlier this month (March 8th, 2015), during his Between the Sheets Tour with Trey Songz, he brought out his little nephew. The little man, who can't be much more 5 years old (at most), danced and sang and pretty much stole the show while his uncle helped keep the crowd hype with his Lil Wayne-assisted hit, 'Loyal'. Although not the cleanest songs in terms of lyrics, I have to give him credit for at least attempting to edit the words while his young family member was on the stage.

During the course of the performance, he was also joined on stage by funnyman Kevin Hart and rapper and current album partner, Tyga. Again, all personal business aside... Breezy puts on a heck of a show!