Chris Brown claims he's innocent in his epic battle for parking spot dominance with Frank Ocean. However, there is evidence to the contrary and no, it's not surveillance footage or eyewitnesses. It's a photo of Breezy with a cast on his hand. Ut oh...

Hmmm, why would Breezy be wearing a cast on his right hand unless he damaged it doing something like, say, punching Frank Ocean in the face or elsewhere? There are conflicting reports over who threw the first punch, with Brown asserting that he didn't start it.

The R&B singer was spotted on Tuesday (Jan. 29), leaving his crib with a cast covering his knuckles. That seems like a tell-tale sign that he at least hit someone and damaged his fist while doing so.

Ocean also claimed his hand was injured and that he wouldn't be able to use it to play at the Grammys next weekend.

Were these two like slapping each other or something? Just admit that you slapped each other like girls and move on.

More importantly, we want to know if Rihanna will sign Breezy's cast with a big old heart while using a red Sharpie.

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