Ouch. Christina Aguilera has come under quite a bit of criticism for her weight gain, and now fans and foes are scrutinizing the starlet yet again. This time, they're asking if she's been Photoshopped on the cover of OK Magazine ... to look bigger.

The mag features a less-than-flattering photo of Aguilera from the 2012 American Music Awards red carpet with the caption, "I love my new body!" The photo led some XTina fans on Twitter to speculate that the shot was toyed with and heavily edited to sell the story. However, Idolator found the actual unretouched photo from Getty -- and other than being flipped in the opposite direction, Aguilera looks exactly the same.

To be fair, the photo does make Christina look much different from, say, her 'Lotus' cover, but we -- and Idolator -- suspect that simply a poor angle, as well as a less-than-stellar wardrobe choice (are those ... butt pads?) are really to blame.

Poor XTina got a whole lot of heat for her AMAs look, from both press and the public. Thankfully, the 'Voice' coach doesn't give a hoot -- she truly is happy with how she looks and comfortable in her own (oft heavily painted) skin.

”I’m very confident in my body,” she said earlier this year. “I think my video works over the years have spoken to that," she added. "I’ve been no stranger to being very comfortable in my own skin.”

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