If we had to sum up Ciara and Nicki Minaj's new track 'I'm Out' in three words it would be: Get. It. Girls. The song, which will appear on Ci's upcoming self-titled album, is due out on July 5.

'I'm Out' reeks of a summertime girl power anthem and we are all over that business as Ciara and Nicki are two the baddest divas in all of music. The track starts off with Minaj's red-hot verse, "Took 'em to the bank, then I hit 'em where the cash drops/ I do it big - I'll hit 'em with the caps lock / I'm gonna ball, I'll hit 'em with the mascot."

Ciara's first verse is a full-on ode to the ladies. She sings, "I just went through a break-up / But it's okay I got my cake up / Do my hair, put on some makeup / Tryna see where tonight gon' take us." This club jam has got us seriously excited to hear the rest of Ciara's fifth studio album.

Of course, where there is Nicki Minaj, there is drama. Some are writing that Minaj's verse was intended as a dig at Rihanna on Ciara's behalf, which Nicki obviously took great offense to. The former 'American Idol' judge tweeted:

We're just glad Nicki is not picking sides because if all three ladies are at war then the only loser in that situation are the fans who truly miss out on amazing music.