Did Aussie teenage dream Cody Simpson just grow up before our very eyes? Well, in the space of this three-and-a-half minute video, he sure did. Simpson revamped the Weeknd’s ‘What You Need’ video, turning it into ‘What You Want.’ Simpson remained mostly loyal to the sound and the stylized concept, save for changing a few words in the lyrics. He is saying he “re-imagined” the video/song and we’re fine with either term, since both fit what Simpson has done.

The black and white, noir-esque video is mysterious and shows the teen idol in a more mature light. Like Justin Bieber before him, Simpson is proving he’s more than a flavor of the year at whose altar teenage girls worship dutifully until they grow up or move on to something more suited to their new age bracket. This video is evidence that, as he ages, Simpson will grow and change and evolve out of teen pop. There is nothing wrong with such career aspirations, either.

Dressed in a black bow tie and crisp white shirt, with tousled blond hair, emotive expressions and an echo on his vocals, Simpson presents himself as a fine, upstanding young gentleman. PopCrush definitely likes this side of the singer.

Even more impressive is the fact that Simpson directed the video himself. Granted, he had help, with the Weeknd’s original as his template, but he was able to take artistic license in a respectful, creative and compelling way and make it his own. Nice work, Mr. Simpson.

Watch the Cody Simpson ‘What You Want’ Video

Watch the Weeknd’s ‘What You Need’ Video