A Casper man accused of trying to kill his wife, claims that his right to a speedy trial has been violated, but a judge disagrees.

Attorneys for Clint Webb argued that it has been more than 180 days, from his initial arraignment in September 2014, and that his trial should have taken place.

However, the prosecution countered that several delays have taken place since that time, which does not warrant a speedy trial violation.

The first was that new information about the case came forward, which warranted the prosecution to drop the initial charges of aggravated assault, and refile new charges of attempted second degree murder, thus the 180 day clock should restart.

Webb's defense claimed that their client wasn't given a chance to object to the dismissal of the initial charges, but Natrona County Assistant District Attorney Daniel Itzen said that Webb was given time to consider a plea deal on those charges, but he refused.

The second was that Webb was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation in January 2015, to determine if he was competent to stand trial.

The third was that prosecutors had to add on another charge of interference with a peace officer, stemming from when he is alleged to have assaulted a Natrona County Sheriff's Deputy, on the day he was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation.

Webb has pleaded not guilty to one charge of attempted second degree murder, two charges of aggravated assault and one charge of interference with a peace officer.

He is being held on $100,000 bond and his five day jury trial is scheduled to begin on July 27th.

If found guilty of the attempted second degree murder charge, he could receive between 20 years to life in prison.