This actually kind of surprises me.  My wife, and I seem to be getting along great this month!  I could see how this month could cause some stress, though.

Over the holidays, the combination of spending money you don’t really have and hanging out with the in-laws can prove to be a real relationship buster.

A new study, released today, has revealed that December is the most stressful month for couples. One in five have already considered splitting in the past two weeks. The average couple will have four fights a day during December — a total of 124 over the month.

Money issues are the biggest source of stress between couples as they fork out for presents. Having to visit the in-laws over the Christmas period came second in the reasons for arguments, followed by someone not doing enough to help out around the house.

Are you arguing with your partner?  We’re nosy here at Kiss…tell us what it’s about!