Demi Lovato is on publicity blitz for her new album, 'Demi.' Just before her Wango Tango performance on Saturday (May 11), she stopped to chat about her return to 'X Factor' as well as about her new record -- and her soon-to-be new tattoos!

"Live TV for me is just so exhilarating," she gushed of going back to pester Simon Cowell on the panel. "Your adrenaline is going so much every week -- twice a week actually -- and you never know what's going to happen." Another perk? "I get to be in front of so many people every single week," she said. "So it fits. It was the right move."

"I'm really nervous and I'm really excited -- I just want it to be out already!" she said of 'Demi.' "I want it to do well, I hope people like it. You know, you put your heart and soul into something for six months or however long ..."

When her host compared it to having a baby, she giggled, "I haven't had a baby! But I can imagine. Definitely the album is like your baby, and when you're picking songs for your album, it's like picking which kid you love the most."

As for her tattoos? Not as much thought goes into those as into her records ... which she realizes isn't the best idea, but she can't help herself. "Most of the time I don't even plan it, it's just very spontaneous and impulsive -- and it's not good!"