It's all about the Lohan and Lovato alliance! The LoLos, if you will!

Former teen stars stick together. Lindsay Lohan was arrested earlier this week, reportedly over Max George of the Wanted. She got support from Lady Gaga over her disastrous, TV movie turn in 'Liz and Dick' and now, Demi Lovato has stood up for her over her arrest drama. The pop stars are all in La Lohan's corner.

Lovato hopped on to Twitter to show her support for Lohan, tweeting the following note: "I really wish we could go back in time when artists were known for their work. Not their personal lives."

Oh Demi, if only life -- especially that of a celebrity -- were that simple, girl. The more drama, the better.

She also responded to Perez Hilton challenging her over the tweet, writing:
"The media (not just you) don't realize when you need to stop."

She argued that Li Lo's problems are not a headline, but her life. She wrote: "why does it need to become everyone's business? If you believe someone needs help -- help them."

While we appreciate Lovato's tenacity and her viewpoint, it's just not realistic. Sadly, when a celeb signs up for this path in life, they sign up for all the ancillary stuff that goes along with it. Either deal with it or don't do it.

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