named the most hippie towns in each state in the country. Here's what they wrote about ours in Wyoming. And did you already have it guessed?

"Laradise," as some locals call it, is a strange and bohemian oasis in the The "Cowboy" State. Home of the University of Wyoming - the only four-year college - the town of 30,000 sits on a high mountain plain 7,200 feet above sea level, and is home to a general cast of big Western characters.

Young people arrive for the university, but fall in love with the beautiful surroundings, happenin' music scene, and slow pace that never cared about the rat race. Over time, a thriving hippie culture developed: Laramie's best restaurant is a funky vegetarian spot, Sweet Melissa. There is still plenty of cowboy culture to be found in Laramie (there are not one, but two bars called The Cowboy), but Wyoming's isolated, leave-me-be attitude finds a happy balance with the Laramigos who just want to do their own thing. 

Did they nail it? Let's see also our close neighbors.

In Nebraska, it's another college capitol - Lincoln.
In Utah, find hippies in Moab.
In Montana there's a special saying, "There's Montana, then there's Missoula."

In South Dakota, despite the expensive real estate, Spearfish is a hippie haven.

For Colorado, did you immediately think Boulder? Maybe lot of us did, but you may smile when you think “Carnevale.” Think Mardi Gras meets REI. If you ever spent any time on the western border of Colorado Springs, you totally get it. It’s Manitou Springs - though you definitely should get credit for thinking Boulder. That’s a real close second.

For other states you know, see how correctly you guessed here.