Casper's residential areas have no doubt seen an increase in traffic in the past few years. Expanding business parks, a steady growing population, and congested main streets have pushed more traffic to the residential areas.  Despite this surge, I still notice a lot of "4-way-go" intersections where accidents are impending everyday.  Does Casper need more residential stops signs?

This of course does not apply to every neighborhood.  I see an appropriate amount of stop signs in many areas, but others are lacking.  Some residential areas have seen such increases in traffic flow that traffic lights have been put in place.  Particularly in my neighborhood, "4-way-go" intersections are a common sight.  By "4-way-go", I mean an intersection with no stop or yield signs at all.  These streets are fairly busy throughout the day, and especially busy during the evening amid the commutes home from work.  I have had many close calls at these intersections when other drivers just assume no one else is coming, or just assume their right of way.  Essentially this shouldn't even be an issue.  Paying attention when driving, to most people, is a no brainer.  Living in the smart phone age, drivers are more distracted than ever.  Just because there is a stop sign there does not mean the driver will stop, but it's a good start.  There are plenty of other neighborhoods  I have driven through with this same problem.  These intersections may not be in need of 4-way-stops, but at least one direction of traffic should be brought to a brief stop to survey the other direction's traffic.  I don't like adding more stops to my travels anymore than anyone else.  However, stop signs not only encourage drivers to watch for other cars, but also for children who are out playing in the neighborhood.  Do you think the streets of Casper are fine the way they are?  Do you think Casper could use more residential stop signs?  Take the poll and leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions.