Ed Sheeran is still recovering from his Grammy nomination -- because he celebrated it with a "mental night" with fellow Brits the Wanted.

The adorable ginger chatted with MTV about the nod and being essentially taken hostage by the bad-boy boy band. "I got kidnapped by the Wanted boys," he laughed when asked how he heard the news of 'The A-Team' being up for Song of the Year. "They took me on their tour bus, and I found out after six or seven beers -- which for me, I'm a very cheap date, I can't really handle too many beers -- so I was in a state anyway and, yeah, I just had loads of giggle fits."

The celebratory antics went down between Jingle Ball show dates following the nomination announcements last Wednesday (Dec. 5).

Sheeran revealed that while he thinks fun. will ultimately take home the trophy, he will probably commemorate the honor with some new ink. "I'm gonna get a Grammy tattoo if I win a Grammy," he said excitedly. "I'm gonna get one anyway -- a nomination, man, it's the s---." Realizing he cussed, he quickly apologized. Love his manners!

The tat won't be the only mark he has to mark the occasion. Following his partying with the Wanted, he revealed, "I had bruises on me and stuff. I didn't know where they'd come from. It was a pretty mental night."