Is the world ready for E. Shizzle, rap superstar?

Okay, maybe we're exaggerating, since he's not quite transformed, but...

Beloved British ginger kid Ed Sheeran has been working on his new album and follow up to '+,' which dropped all the way back in 2011.

The singer and BFF of Taylor Swift may have revealed a release date and now he has once again showed off his rap skills when he premiered a new song, 'Take It Back Now,' while performing in London.

Witness the singer-songwriter rapid-firing the verses in rapped fashion. We're like blown away by his skills. Or skillz.

Sheeran performed at the Teenage Cancer Trust show at the Royal Albert Hall in London earlier this week (March 24) and now, a video has made its way online. So even if you weren't there, you still get a taste of new Sheeran material. Viva la Internet!

The verses are certainly very bravado'ish, referencing his recent Madison Square Garden sellouts and his career shifting from subway busking to packed house tours, among other things, while the choruses are much more Sheeran-like and melodic.

But we have to stop and marvel at his wordsmithery and his rap skills. He barely tripped on a syllable. Maybe Eminem has a new threat to his 'Rap God' throne? We kid, we kid.

Even so, Sheeran strummed his ever-present acoustic guitar and even had the crowd singing along to the uber-catchy chorus.

Will this new track appear on his next album. Who knows? We still enjoy whenever E. Shizzle shows off his rap skills.