Never in our lives would we have thought that a jewish dude could pull off a convincing Oprah impression, but we stand humbly corrected.

Eliot's Sketchpad is the newest addition to the Above Average Network, which is the YouTube channel for Broadway Video, Lorne Michaels production company (the man behind SNL, 30 Rock, Portlandia, and several other awesome things we love). They are responsible for this hilarious fake trailer featuring Olivia Munn, which we told you about a while back. Above Average is drawing some big stars, too; Tina Fey appeared in the newest episode of their series '7 Minutes in Heaven' yesterday.

In the video, Oprah attempts to re-create famous YouTube trends like 'Double Rainbow,' the cinnamon challenge, 'Piano Cat,' planking videos, and 'Sh*t Oprah Says.' Glazer's Oprah voice is so dead on that we almost forget it's not her screaming "Cola explosion!!" in a labcoat and goggles as her BFF Gail drops mentos into bottles of diet coke.

You may remember Eliot from his 'Sh*t New Yorkers Say' video this time last year, a video that went viral and received almost 2 million views in the first 24 hours. Eliot also has a web series, 'It Gets Betterish,' which makes us laugh so hard that we have coughing fits; it was featured in the Wall Street Journal today.

We can't wait to see what's next for Eliot's Sketchpad, because we're already hooked. Subscribe to  the Above Average YouTube channel to make sure you don't miss a second. Rumor has it, SNL's Kate McKinnon will be co-starring in the next episode, which will be released next Thursday.