Emma Stone is Vogue's May cover girl, and sure, she looks stunning in Gucci and dished about her upcoming movie 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2.' But the most important thing Stone did with the fashion giant was go to Build-A-Bear and create her own teddy bear. And, of course, she was characteristically adorable about it.

Usually, when doing a big magazine interview, the reporter and celebrity try to participate in some shared activity together, like lunch or shopping. The original plan was for Stone and the Vogue reporter to go to the Griffith Observatory in L.A. and look at the stars, but, of course, this was before the 'Easy A' actress had an even better idea: going to Build-A-Bear.

"I'm sitting outside Forever 21," Stone texted the Vogue journalist after they agreed to meet at the Westside Pavillion mall in Los Angeles. "They're playing 'Love Shack.' We're going to build a bear."

If that doesn't scream "exceedingly normal but expertly hilarious 20-something," aka, "Emma Stone," we don't know what does. And, of course, Stone was unbelievably psyched to make her stuffed animal, commenting: "I want to give my bear skinny jeans" and giving the toy some cool new sneaks.

Being the adorably witty comedienne that she is, Stone couldn't stop with the bear puns, throwing out one-liners like "exhi-bear-tionism," "bear-ing it all" and even remarking that "this is bear-nanas."

"I can't stop making bear jokes!" she exclaimed.

And that is why we love her.