So today, I ran to Walmart for lunch. As I'm on my way to the check out lanes, I found myself on the ground grasping the front of my buggy! Yep, right there in plain view of anyone who cared to see. Ugghhh!

Fortunately, a nice lady was there and helped me up. I thanked her for not laughing. Here's the deal though. A chick in a Walmart shirt came walking up and started nudging the spot with her shoe, like there wasn't something there to slip on. There was. Wanna know how I know? My pants were wet. I got over my embarrassment and checked out, aware the entire time that not a single member of the Walmart staff checked on me to make sure I was okay.

I get back to the station. I start talking to my friend Liz. I tell her the story then look down. My pants are ruined. Apparently, what ever they had on the floor had bleach in it. Thanks, Walmart, thanks! You ruined my favorite Khakis. Be glad I don't want to wear yours!