This video caught my eye over the weekend on Facebook. I watched it, then I was immediately ashamed. I'm so guilty of this. Yes, I am ashamed to say, I 'fat talk' myself.
As pointed out in the video, you would never talk to someone else in this negative manner, so why would you talk to yourself like this? 'Fat talk' is something that 93% of women do to themselves... It's been proven over and over again how damaging words can be. Some of the things we tell ourselves are down right cruel! After watching this, will you continue to speak to yourself in this manner? Change your words, change your life!

Tyra Banks is one of the celebrities working to change fat talk into positive talk along with Special K. Tyra not only says that she doesn't believe in diets, she says she was most successful at her biggest (size). Bless her for standing up for all 'curvy' women!