In Japan, they call these a dragon twist. They are also known as fire-tornados or firenado, although they are technically not a tornado at all. The best name for this phenomena is a fire whirl. This is both amazing and terrifying. This is a fire whirl recorded near the Colorado-Wyoming border. Fox 31 News out of Denver shared this video from a firefighter named Charles Bolt. He was up from Mississippi fighting the Beaver Creek Fire when he recorded this video. You can hear his radio in the background.

At the time of publication, the Beaver Creek Fire is 44% contained. The size of the fire is around 36,000 acres. The fire is now creeping and smoldering due to recent moisture. Firefighters are currently working on keeping the fire from crossing the North Platte River in Colorado. There are currently 190 acres burning in Carbon County, Wyoming. In the Medicine Bow National Forest, there are over 2000 acres burning.

I'm sure we all can agree that we all owe a lot of thanks to the brave men and women who go in harms way to protect our land. Thank you!