The former bodyguard of Lady Gaga and her pals Jay Z and Beyonce was killed on Monday, Sept. 2 in Miami, Fla.

In a bizarre scenario, Norman Oosterbroek, 42, was tasered while naked and ultimately died. He stood 6-foot-five and carried 280-pounds on his frame, so he cut an imposing figure and those stats would make it seem that he effectively protected his clients.

However, he was killed by cops upon trespassing on the grounds of and breaking into a Miami mansion around 10:45PM local time earlier this week. Reports indicate that he was harassing and hitting a resident of the mansion and ingesting what authorities suspected were drugs. He also put up a violent struggle against the cops.

As a result, the man nicknamed the "Dutch Giant" was tasered.

While he served as a human shield for some of our favorite pop stars, he couldn't save himself from a taser's volts. He died at a hospital shortly after.

In addition to the likes of Mother Monster and Jayonce, Oosterbroek also guarded Nelson Mandela in South Africa, so he was dispatched for some incredibly high profile jobs.

Further details regarding this incident are TBD.