Fun.‘s video for ‘We Are Young’ is filmed in slow motion, making us think that the band is imparting the idea of holding onto the wild craziness of youth, or maybe just trying to justify it.

Dressed in tuxes, fun. look like a not-so-big band playing in a watering hole. There’s lots of water and wet substances being splashed around and people being slapped in the face, or hit over the head with a beer bottle. There’s plenty of general destruction and melee taking place. We were exhausted watching it all unfold before our very eyes.

Other assorted drama: shirtless fighters on stage, a cameo by singer Janelle Monae and Styrofoam peanuts flying. Some fighting turns to kissing. It’s like total bedlam takes place and the fact that most of the action occurs in delayed fashion allows us the chance to savor it even more.

This is one you’ll want to watch more than once or twice — or even 10 times.

Watch the Fun. ‘We Are Young’ Video