We think Katy Perry needs to clear her dance card when she sees this adorable video in which openly gay Army Ranger Ken Yasger invites her to his upcoming Army Ranger Ball.

Don't roll your eyes, since military folks asking celebs to accompany them to their dress up, formal events via YouTube videos is so commonplace. Yasger explains how much Perry's music means to him in this heartfelt video.

The ball is on Oct. 10 and Perry has an album out Oct. 22, so it might be cutting it close. But still, Yasger extended a charming invite.

He invited her since she is an inspiration. He revealed, "I am the first openly gay ranger in the unit I am with" and added that along with friends and family, it was Perry's music that helped him get through tough times.

He reveals that her hit 'Wide Awake' is used as his phone alarm and it wakes him up, and puts him in a good mood every day. He also says 'ROAR' is one of the most inspirational songs he has ever heard.

Yasger is an uber fan and he's not looking for romance, so Perry's BF John Mayer has no reason to feel jealous or threatened. He should give Perry his blessing to go to the event since this invite really is sweeter than a cherry pie with Reddi-Wip topping.