A new iPhone was born and died... all in less than 24 hours. Ghetto Tracker, who's purpose was to allow the "rich" to avoid the "ghetto" or "unsafe" parts of town, became the victim of mass online backlash. But was it deserved?

The app's primary function was to allow users, in any given city in America, to rate the safety of different areas of your respective home. Then once the comments/rates have been loaded, anyone with the app would know what areas to avoid. For instance, I used to live in Flint, Michigan. I would pretty much tell you to avoid the entire city (and I'm only half joking). But I would most definitely tell you to avoid the south side and the east side... especially at night!

All jokes aside though, Ghetto Tracker received so many negative responses, mostly at being called a racist app, it was quickly taken down. Well, partially... the app was changed to the more politically correct "Good Part Of Town". But once again, the racial accusations came up when the family background picture was changed.

Take a look at both pictures and come to your own conclusions. This first picture was the homepage for Ghetto Tracker.

Ghetto Tracker, YouTube.com

This next one is the picture for the newly updated Good Part of Town app.

Good Part of Town, YouTube.com