If there's ever an example of being thankful for being in a truck and not walking, it's this one. Brand new video shows a guy in a pickup who realized that a grizzly was running nearly full speed his direction.

The guy who shared the video seems to be a bear veteran. He didn't flinch when he saw this huge bear heading his way. He shared a couple of key points that help understand what's going on here.

1. He was aware that the bear was not running at him because he was the intended target. He noted that this grizzly had been spooked by an even larger grizzly and this was more of a retreat than a charge.

2. If he had been on foot, it wouldn't have mattered if he was the original target or not. One wrong response (like running for your life) could have made him appear as prey for this big predator.

It's still an intimidating sight to see such a large animal bearing down on you.

I'm not sure if the guy that shared this video is directly involved or not, but it looks like he's participated in a bear safety series that educates hikers about how to avoid bad situations like this one.

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