Haley Johnsen took a huge risk on ‘American Idol‘ tonight performing ‘Sweet Dreams’ by the Eurythmics, and it didn’t quite pay off for the Top 24 contestant. Before her disappointing performance, Haley brought us to her hometown of Beaverton, Ore.  We fell in love with the 23-year-old’s bubbly personality and so wanted her to succeed.

Haley definitely showed off the “fearless side” she talked about in her video package by singing such a difficult and unique song. We didn’t mind that Haley came off almost as sexy, which is not the norm for ‘Idol,’ but that she screamed most of the high notes. Haley has an amazing husky tone that she wasn’t able to show off due to her song choice.

The lights and images flashing behind Haley throughout the song seemed nightmarish, a sentiment Randy Jackson seemed to echo. He played off the song’s title, saying that, “it was a bit of a nightmare instead of a sweet dream,” and that it was “pitchy all over the place.” Sadly, we have to agree with the suddenly rational Jackson.

Jennifer Lopez told Haley: “[you have] great skills and soul in your voice, but [that was] not the perfect song for you.” Lopez hoped America would keep her around. Steven Tyler added that he loved the way she acted on stage. While we hope Haley advances to the next round, we aren’t too sure after this performance.

Watch Haley Johnsen Perform ‘Sweet Dreams’ on ‘American Idol’