We wonder if Taylor Swift will write a song about how traumatic long distance relationships are after this. Her New Year's kiss, One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, was late meeting up with her in Boston after making the ultimate globetrotter's mistake: He forgot his passport!

The 'Little Things' singer missed his flight from London's Heathrow Airport when he left his passport at home, The Daily News reports. And it wasn't like he could hop in his mom's whip and run back to get it, either -- his home is 180 miles from the airport!

Hazza's mom drove him to Heathrow after he spent Christmas at home in Chesire, England. "He wanted to fly out that day so rather than Anne drive the journey back up north, he decided to get a courier bike to pick it up and bring it to him," a source said. "If she had driven to get it, Harry would have missed the next flight too." Aww!

Must be tough not seeing your lady love for so long. You know, a few days -- they were spotted skiing together just before the holidays with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez!

Styles want to spend a few romantic days with Swifty before her New Year's Eve performance in New York City. Styles missed his original 11:15 AM flight, but his bike messenger got back in time for him to hop on a 7:30 PM jaunt. Despite the mishap, witnesses say Styles took everything in stride, doing some shopping and hanging out in the meantime. "He managed to get on the evening flight but it still meant that he had to wait another eight hours for his post-Christmas reunion with Taylor. Despite this, he took the whole event in good humor and ridiculed himself for it."

We love how laidback Hazza is -- even when he could be legitimately freaking out! Here's hoping T-Swizzle was just as patient.

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