It's a simple question of preference, and one that is difficult for us to predict. We here at Kiss FM have witnessed a dramatic shift in the Top 40 charts over the last year. From artists like Nicki Minaj and Big Sean predominately ruling the airwaves in the start of 2012, to David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia forcing them out of the top spots in 2013.

However, Wyoming has its own sub-culture and unique nightlife. When compared to larger cities, with bigger clubs and major festivals, we are still quite comfortable with our smaller venues and local dive bars. It might be safe to argue that Montana never really quite caught on to the booming EDM (Electronic Dance Music) craze that is sweeping the nation, or has it? Oh, but don't get me wrong, we still have raves and DJ's who spin this music quite often. But is EDM something you gravitate to more so than tried and true Hip Hop?

Here's hoping that this poll will help us get a clearer picture.

Choose your poison wisely, you can only vote once. Think about it like this: you are about to be stuck on an island with only one genre of music, Hip Hop or EDM. Which do you honestly prefer? Let us know by casting your vote now, and check back often to see the most current results.