The Plains Hotel in Cheyenne offers old tastes again, thanks to a new discovery - old menus from the hotel restaurant. Too bad the old prices don't come back with them.

Seriously, it's fun to see old Plains menus now enlarged on their walls. Check out the Steamed Salmon with egg sauce for 50. Yes that's .50, CENTS; not dollars.

Scott LeTourneau, Townsquare Media

That Mountain Trout must have seemed a pretty penny - a whopping 75 pennies.

The hotel has been sold a handful of times in 110 years, and last spring the new owners were sent a box of original menus from the hotel restaurant dated 1912 to the 1960s.

The new menu is now re-done with some choices from the century-old menus, like Beef Bordelaise and Sugar-Cured Pork Rib Chop. They're on the menu in special type. They just aren’t as special as the old prices. Here, of course, items like Carpaccio, and Duck Con Fit are not 10 cents.

Scott LeTourneau, Townsquare Media