OMG!  This giant snake can open doors?!  This is definitely NOT going to help me sleep at night.

Meet Julius, the 16-foot albino Burmese python that can open doors.  Although incredible, this straight up terrifies me.  I am not a snake person.  They give me the creeps.  I know many people who love snakes and have them as pets, but I do not frequent those people's houses, nor would I fall asleep in their houses.  It appears the owner of Julius has been somewhat training the snake to do tasks like this, which I will admit is impressive.  Snakes are in all actuality, magnificent creatures.  But, that does not make me any less freaked out by them.  I'm sure Julius's owner is doing all he can to keep Julius in the house, but that won't keep him out of my dreams.

Are you a snake person?  Do you think this is cool or creepy?  Leave a comment with your thoughts.