One night a few weeks ago I crawled into bed and shut off my lamp. My bedroom was completely dark, and something was terribly wrong about this. Realizing that my 3-year-old probably pulled the night light out of the wall, I went over and put it back in.

"WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE A NIGHT LIGHT?" my brain asked. I instantly flashed back a few weeks earlier when we stayed at my in-laws that I left the light on with the dimmer all the way down.

The whole night light thing started when my first child was born. Never needed on before that. But getting up multiple times a night my wife bought one and put it in our room so she could minimally see where she was going and find things while dealing with the baby.

Now I'm NOT afraid of the dark, really. But we've had a night light for over 5 years now and I just like having it when I get up at 4am to come to work, or get up to pee, or whatever. I have big feet, and I'm klutzy so mashing toes on the furniture happens more than it should. The night light helps.

Or I'm a great big pansy.