Derick Dillard from 19 Kids and Counting either hit or almost hit a cat while sledding.  He posted a video of it online, and people called it "disgusting" and said he was a "psychopath".  It all seemed like a silly accident, and the cat was fine.

Jeff Goldblum is returning for the Independence Day sequel . . . and Liam Hemsworth has also joined the cast.  Meanwhile, a 23-year-old actor named Jessie Usher has been cast as the son of Will Smith's character from the first movie.  Will is NOT coming back.

Cutie pie Fred Savage from The Wonder Years is making a return to TV.  This time he’ll be joining Rob Lowe on a show called The Grinder.  It's about a former TV lawyer who returns to his hometown to take over his family's law firm.  Rob is playing the lawyer... and Fred is his younger brother.

Celebrity Birthdays Thursday, March 5:
Joel Osteen 51
Eva Mendes 40
Michael Irvin 48