Casper ranks in the top half while our nation's capitol struggled... a lot.

We love Casper for many reasons. One reason that may not immediately come to mind, but certainly holds its own weight, is that we are a fairly well-run city. This is according to WalletHub's recent study on the "Best- and Worst-Run Cities" in America.

Obviously running an entire city can't be easy, which may be why smaller cities ranked better than bigger cities.

WalletHub looked at 150 cities across the country and measured their operating efficiency. The website looked at several different factors that could be the results of well-run and poorly-run cities. For example, high school graduation rate, debt, violent crime, unemployment rates, poverty, pollution and more. These are all areas in which they deemed the government to have a heavy influence on.

Number one on the list and therefore the best-run city in the country is Nampa, Idaho. Conversely the worst-run city on their list is Washington D.C. Really? Our nation's capitol? Wow.

As for Casper, we came in at number 63 on the list.

Although this doesn't make us the best in all the land, it certainly doesn't make us the worst. We're in the top half of this list which is a great place to be, especially since we ranked in the top five for cities with the lowest violent crime rate. Keep up the great work!

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