Just after 10:00 p.m. on the Fourth of July the Casper Police Department responded to a shooting at Mathew Campfield Park.

A male with a gunshot wound was treated and transported to Banner Wyoming Medical Center (BWMC) with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.

Officers on the scene interviewed multiple individuals who had gathered at the park before the incident to watch and set off fireworks. Witness statements detailed a confrontation about personal use of fireworks between a small group and the male who had been shot. Individuals identified by witnesses were interviewed on scene and at the Hall of Justice by CPD Detectives. This investigation is open and ongoing at this time.

The CPD encourages anyone with information or video evidence related to the shooting to contact the lead investigator at (307) 235-7596.

Those who wish to remain anonymous can submit information through Crime Stoppers of Central Wyoming at www.crime-stoppers.com or by calling (307) 577-8477.

10 of Wyoming's Most Dangerous Animals

Wyoming is home to some pretty epic creatures. The pronghorn is the second fastest land animal in the world, second only to the cheetah -- and it's worth noting that while the cheetah can spring faster, the pronghorn can sustain it's top speed much farther. And while we do have plenty of cute and cuddly creatures (llike the nothern saw-whet owl) there are plenty of things that'll kill ya. Might want to think twice about moving here.

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