Wyomingites love to bond over food.

Think about it: holidays, birthdays, family events, community events, and other get-together affairs are all based around food. Family dinners, birthday cakes, cookouts, Friday donuts, and church potlucks are all food-driven events.

Food is a focal point when fair/ rodeo season is in full swing. It's likely the only time you'll indulge in your favorite fair food during the year.

You may be on a diet most of the time, but you're always willing to splurge when the fair comes to town. There's nothing wrong with that. The fair makes us feel like kids again.

The tricky question you'll ask yourself is which fair food booth you will hit.

You probably have your favorite booth where you get your cotton candy and lemon shake-up. You'll find that one booth to get your funnel cake. Then, your favorite corn dog stand.

I know.

You just got hungry and are ready to hit the fairgrounds for lunch and then again for supper. Then, maybe even one more time for a late-night snack before heading home for the day.

In my younger days, the fair was a big deal. One time per year, our family would splurge and go all out for the fair week.

My go-to choices were a corn dog, funnel cake, and kettle corn.

As we are gearing up to head to one of the area fairs and rodeos, here are the fair foods Wyomingites will be ordering.

Top 10 Fair Foods Wyomingites Love

Gallery Credit: Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

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