Kim Kardashian loves her simplistic color palettes and according to her, her aesthetics extend to her employees' uniforms as well.

The Kardashians star recently sat down with Angie Martinez for her IRL podcast. During her time on the podcast, she was asked if having a color-coordinated dress code was intentional.

"Absolutely. I have uniforms," Kardashian shared. "It's not like, 'Hey, this is your uniform. It's just color palettes."

Kardashian went on to share that she has a a handbook for her employees and explained what colors her employees are able to wear. As for what ones made the cut, she said: "grays, heather gray, black, navy, white, cream, khaki." However, she did say that there's not a lot of color-blocking.

The reality star also shared that her employees are relieved to have a fashion guideline.

"My house is so Zen. So I asked how everyone felt about it and everyone actually said, 'That would make our life so easy,'" she said.

"And once everyone was on board and thought it would be easier for them, I was like let's do this," she continued.

Listen to what Kardashian had to say below:

Kardashian has always been vocal about her stance on minimalism and her affinity for simplistic color palettes. Earlier this year, she spoke to Architectural Digest where she shared that a "minimalist design creates a sense of quiet and calm."

Nevertheless, her children are still able to decorate their rooms as they see fit and Kardashian just incorporates her style into "the main part of the house."

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