Ashleigh Johnson may have been a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers back in 2010, but her fandom has likely waned and dissipated, since she has filed a lawsuit against the trio.

Johnson, who declined to share her age in the claim, says that the band was so popular that she was crushed during an outdoor, afternoon concert at The Grove, a mall in Los Angeles, in May of 2010. She is also suing Caruso Management, the company that operates the "venue."

According to TMZ, Johnson says that the she was trying to watch the group perform when Jo Bros groupies initiated a surge, pushing her forward against a guard rail. That's an "occupational hazard" when you are a fan of a boy band. The crowds tend to become uncontrollable and push forward, trying to get closer to the object or objects of their affection. Beliebers and Directioners deal with crowd surges at Justin Bieber and One Direction shows, respectively. It's not a new phenom.

Johnson claims to have been "agonizingly crushed" when pushed into the fence, resulting in serious mental, emotional and physical injuries.

We're not sure what emotional injuries would stem from being pushed into a fence at a boy band show, other than, say, Joe Jonas not making eye contact with you despite repeated attempts to catch his attention. We're also not sure why the fan waited nearly three years to file her suit, either.

In other Jo Bros. news, the threesome continue working on new material for their "comeback."

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