The adorbs Josh Hutcherson aka Peeta from 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' followed up his hilarious turn as 'SNL' host -- you gotta watch the '80s skit -- with a visit to 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.'

It was his debut as a Fallon couch guest and he revealed some interesting information about his relationship with his 'THG' co-star Jennifer Lawrence and his former obsession with Justin Timberlake.

When Fallon pointed out that J. Law is nuts, he and his guest joked that the actress needs to be medicated. J. Law's cute neuroticism has become the stuff of legends as she embarked on the 'Catching Fire' press tour, and her co-star did not dispute that fact.

Hutcherson revealed that she has punked him while making the rounds on red carpets, admitting that one time, mid-interview, she breezed past him, asking, "Hey Josh, how's the rash doing?" Yeah, that wasn't embarrassing for the actor.

Hutcherson also revealed his rap past -- he actually rapped onstage when he was just 9 with the band LFO. You know 'em -- they did that "I like girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch' song.

He also shared that he was an "embarrassingly big Justin Timberlake fan" and he had bouts of depression since he didn't have the cool curly cues, so he just frosted his tips. That's when Fallon yanked out the old school photo! Adorbs!

He and Fallon also enjoyed a Thanksgiving-themed round of random shootout, aiming for three pointers with pumpkin pie and fake turkey, but note that it was not tofurkey. It was a shellacked, hardened prop.