Justin Bieber is considering a move to Atlanta. In hindsight, you might think it has to do with his California neighbors, but it might be more of a career decision, or a place in which he would split his time.

The Biebs has just spent some time in Hotlanta with hip-hop heavyweights Diddy, T.I. and Rick Ross; and sources told TMZ that the teen, who will turn 20 on March 1, is scoping out some cribs in the area. He has apparently renewed his love affair with the A-T-L., since he lived in the city when he first moved to the U.S. and was signed by manager Scooter Braun.

One good thing about changing locations would mean less paparazzi to deal with, since Atlanta is nowhere near the nightmare that Los Angeles is. Biebs is a high value target for shooters of the paparazzi sort, so it would be a bit of a relief to get away from their flashbulbs and constant hounding.

He also wants to do some more hip-hop and R&B tracks and the city is pretty much the urban hotbed. His music has demonstrated a flair for that genre over the years and he could further develop it.

With those recent hang sessions with Tip and Ricky Rozay, we can't help but think their time was productive and yielded some tunes, or caused some creative juices to flow.

The Biebs is also rumored to be unloading the Calabasas crib, which is a headline-grabber, in favor of something in Hidden Valley. So it sounds like he would retain a Cali residence for the time being.

Hanging With T.I.

Hanging With Diddy.