Oh Biebs, what did you do THIS time? Justin Bieber and his crew are said to have acted like fools and as a result, they've been banned from Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving for life. That’s a far cry from the Four Seasons, which paid for damage his friend Lil Twist did to the singer's car when peeling out of the hotel's parking lot.

Biebs and his pose hit the skydiving facility on June 16 but sources told E! that the teen and his goons were such bad customers that he is no longer welcome. A rep for the establishment confirmed this fact.

Here's what allegedly went down. The Biebs showed up with six people right before closing and agreed to pay after flying. When approached about settling the bill, he was given the option of paying up and handing over the required $1,600 or posting an Instagram shot of himself midflight with positive comments.

The latter would likely have gone WAY further than a cash payment, since The Biebs' social media reach is far and wide.

He agreed to drop a selfie on Instagram but someone claimed that he never did it. A source says he "faked" it. His posse didn't pay nor did they tip. The group was dubbed "disrespectful" as well, leaving the bathroom in crappy condition. Another insider said that The Biebs was standoffish to anyone who wasn't in his crew.

There's a bit of a discrepancy, though. We just checked his Instagram feed and there are a few videos and photos, so there seems to be some disconnect here. Something else must have happened to get Biebs barred from the indoor flight facility.