Don’t mess with the Biebs — or his security team! An overly aggressive paparazzo felt the fist of one of Justin Bieber‘s bodyguards on Monday afternoon (Feb. 6), and then got arrested for it.

The incident went down at LAX. Bieber was getting into an SUV following his flight when the paparazzo jumped in front of the vehicle and refused to move. That’s a dangerous move for so many reasons! He could get hit by the SUV, his flashes can obstruct the driver’s vision — he should know better, and he probably did. We bet now he regrets going against his better judgment.

Bieber’s bodyguard asked the photographer to move and he refused. The bodyguard then tried to guide the paparazzo to the sidewalk and out of the way of the vehicle, but he kept snapping pictures in front of the SUV instead. That’s when things got ugly.

TMZ obtained a video of the altercation. The clip begins after the scuffle has already started. The bodyguard has the photographer in a headlock in the beginning. When the photograph breaks free, he tries to swing at the bodyguard. Bad move. The bodyguard ducks and pops the paparazzo straight in the face.

Cops arrived at the scene and detained the photographer, who was later booked for assault with a deadly weapon because he allegedly hit the bodyguard with a camera. While we don’t endorse violence in any capacity, we’re glad Biebs stayed safe!

Watch Justin Bieber’s Bodyguard Fight Off a Paparazzo