Though the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breakup has yet to be confirmed officially by either party, it's safe the say that Jelena are dunzo -- at least for now. While Sel's been getting support from her 'Wizards of Waverly Place' castmates, Biebs has been turning to his manager, Scooter Braun, for advice on how to deal with the end of his longest relationship to date.

Hollywood Life reports that Braun alluded to the talks on his prolific Twitter feed on Nov. 9, writing, “Running around the city last minute. good talk with jb and kenny this morning." That could be anything, really, but he also posted a cryptic tweet that may reference the split and how each half of the couple is handling it. Yesterday he wrote, "It is how we handle ourselves in the toughest situations that show our true character. Always show respect, integrity, and class.”

Other than a weird Instagram post with an anagram for "single" (which he quickly deleted), Biebs has remained mum on the breakup, as has his team -- though he did make a point of erasing all photos of Selena from his own Instagram account.

However, Gomez and her cohorts have been more vocal. She posted a photo of Bieber and model Barbara Palvin with the caption ".....," and it's still on her Twitter feed. Her co-stars and friends have also posted barbed messages aimed at Justin. David DeLuise tweeted a photo with Sel with the caption, “All woman [sic] should be treated with respect! Listen up boy @selenagomez.”

The moral of the story, at least from Braun's standpoint, appears to be, "Keep your breakups off of social media." It's damaging enough to normal people to put their business on blast on Facebook or Twitter, but add rabid Selenators and Beliebers into the mix, and it's much more trouble than its worth -- especially when there are still hopes for a reconciliation.

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