While we were still waiting for Selena Gomez to take Justin Bieber back in an effort to make 'Spring Breakers' look less damning and herself seem more relevant, he went and moved right along.

This time, it's not a hot mess reality starlet, but a stunning British beauty.

Looks like Gomez will have to keep getting drunk for publicity now.

In fact, Bieber's new boo looks a lot like Beyonce.

Her name is Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke, and apparently her parents really like hyphens.

The Daily Mail reports that Clarke-Roberts is a 17-year-old aspiring singer (how convenient!) who is "determined to become famous." (How convenient!)

The pair apparently have mutual friends, but she seems to have met him through her mom, who's a professional photographer with music industry contacts. (How convenient!)

They went to the awards together, then went to Justin Timberlake's post-show concert arm-in-arm afterward.

For as famous as she's desperate to be, though, she did make sure she wasn't photographed with the Biebs (or with his drugs) ... so maybe she's actually less desperate for fame than Selena Gomez.